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Sunday 3 November

with Richard Walker, Master Gilder 

KINTSUGI WORKSHOP            £175 inc VAT

All materials and equipment provided.  No experience needed.

The Japanese art of Kintsugi (golden joinery) strives to make a mended object all the more beautiful for its visible scars, which are celebrated and gilded.  

Using contemporary water-based materials, as well as glues and epoxy resins, this workshop is a chance to explore the craft with your own items.  Whether you have cracked or broken ceramics that need repairing, or wish to break something in class in order to mend it, any cracks, gaps or chips will be repaired using pure gold leaf (yellow or white) to enhance their beauty.

Vases, plates, bowls and many more things can be experimented with, however, the Kintsugi process is for decoration only, and the functional nature of the object may not be recoverable.


You may work on as many pieces as you can find the time for, and will be invited to take home the materials you have been using so you can continue working.  

Maximum of 8 students in a class. 

9.30am-4.30pm  Sunday 24th March 2024                       

Tea, coffee & cake provided.  Please bring your own lunch.         

To book, please ring 07890 594068

or email

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